Hello, I'm Bowen Kruse.
A developer of innovative efficient solutions

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I’m a Senior at Montana State University studying Computer Science, with a background in pure mathematics, and applied aviation sciences. I’ve successfully lead teams in numerous global coding competitions on three continents. I’ve also been an active member of ACM and IEEE since 2017.


Data driven solutions are the future and define our industry. With hundreds of hours logged as a private pilot, I’ve gained an appreciation for the technology required to enable the world to function. I’ve worked in multiple law-related establishments and learned to seek out new ways to apply technology to increase efficiency and create solutions for a variety of industries. There is always a way to use data to work smarter.

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Topics of Interest

Expanding upon the standard coursework included in a Bachelors of Computer Science, I’ve taken a special interest in AI Applications/ML, Simulation, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Development. I’ve been building a holistic understanding of the computational theory of Artificial Neural Networks.